This entry has nothing to do with things on my desk, sorry.

I was actually going to touch on the horribleness of tourists, and then I logged in and saw someone posted an entry called “The Trouble with Foreigners” on the main page and I realized, I am a day late and a dollar short. Again.

Okay, not a day. Probably like an hour. But it’s the dollar that really hurts.

What have I wanted to write about for awhile? Not much! I’ve been pretty IN THE ZONE since February, when I transferred to a new store. My usual routine went all sideways, and now that I feel calmer about work I’ll probably be moving again soon. Worst of all, I haven’t even eaten Fro-Yo yet!

Uh oh, I just finished my beer. My creativity level is about to go even lower.

Let’s visit things I don’t understand, inspired by gmail being open in another window.

1) What does the video camera icon mean next to people’s names in gmail? How does gmail decide to make your icon green, versus orange? What if you’re using gchat on a phone?

2) Budgets, mostly when you work on an hourly pay rate.

3) Why netflix won’t load on my wii, and why the power light is red now. I feel like it used to be either green or yellow, but I can’t say with total confidence.

4) Why my cat has peed on my bed and my couch. And the other one likes to puke on my bed. It’s rude.

5) You know what, I will hit the tourist thing. Here we go.

I’m currently working in a historical Boston landmark. What’s up with humanity? I have several beefs, if you will, with people. First of all, MOVE. Move faster, move more politely, have peripheral vision. Don’t just stop randomly when there are approximately 100 other people trying to walk in the same general area. Second of all, when someone greets you with a smile and a “Hey, how are you?”, respond. Especially children. Parents of America and Canada, teach your children to respond appropriately when someone greets them in that fashion. It is not appropriate to just blurt out what you want me to do for you. No. Eye contact, smile, “I’m good, how are you?”. Brief, but polite.

The sad part is, I don’t know if I could identify a specific event or repeated piece of advice my parents gave me to make me this way. I just am. The only repeated piece of advice I remember from childhood is, “Think before you speak” and “Just tell me the truth”, from my Dad and Mom respectfully. They have both worked well for me, and I’m still working on remembering them in day-to-day interactions. Wait, is it “respectfully” or “respectedly?” Firefox is telling me that “respectedly” isn’t a word, so I’m uneasy. Also, here comes that second beer!

I haven’t added anything to this post in almost an hour. I’ve been wrapped up in reading about Oldest Living Things, Enjoy, and good evening.


Today is rainy and chilly. I must work later, but for now Bob Dylan and coffee is a good start to the day.

This rant might not make sense to anyone who isn’t into genealogy, but once in awhile a rant is necessary, and HEY! Maybe someone who IS into it will stumble over this. I’m going to put like, 800 tags on it.

Here are my current brick walls:

Richard Lindenberg – He’s german. He lives in Canada as of me finding him. But he was born around 1802 in Ceylon, India. According to a couple of Canadian censuses. That is not happening.

His wife, Elizabeth McDowell – She’s from ireland. The end.

All/most of their kids – Born in Greece. Great. Totally helpful.

John Fulton and his wife, Margaret – Both from Scotland, born around 1867. Married after they got here. Do not ever search for a John Fulton coming from Scotland. You’ll start crying. Incidentally I have mailed two seperate cities in hopes of them having some Naturalization records – no good. So I have  tried a little harder here, but still nothing.

Michael Doyle – Born Ireland around 1820. The end.

Dora Reinka – Born New York around 1866. This doesn’t appear to be a legitimate last name.

Next four sets of great-great-grandparents – Poland. The end.

The rest of them are English, so there’s a much higher chance of me figuring anything out. It’s just a matter of differentiating 1,000 people with the same Protestant names.

So there you have it. Some points of trouble that have basically stopped me from doing any genealogy in the last six months or so. It requires a lot of free time, and..with my..commitments..to..stuff..busy..I am..

What needs to happen is Nicole and I need to make some road trips to local actual physical record keeping facilities. It’s been so long since I’ve been into this that I can’t remember what to call them.

New York State Archives – I need to go there. It’s in Albany.

NARA – We both need to go there, because it’s awesome. That’s in Washington, DC. But! The cool part is  that they have branches in Waltham, MA and New York City, NY. We very badly need  to go to that one.

Thanks, guys. This was neither particularly funny or insightful, but I feel better. And if you have a connection in Ceylon, India for turn-of-the-19th-century records, let me know.




Why I love bagels!!

Just kidding, bagels are mostly okay.

What up, blogoverse? (I googled that. It’s totally a thing.)

I’m going to start today with links to a couple of other (web)sites, in case you get bored!

Photos of 1970s rock stars with their parents

Girl on the Contrary – it made me giggle several times yesterday. Not today though, because I haven’t read it yet.

I am sitting at home, drinking coffee, watching 30 Rock and trying to decide what to make today for food. So far I am leaning towards chili. I don’t have a recipe for chili, but it usually goes something like this: two kinds of beans! usually black and pinto, or whatever kind I think I remember I heard being healthy, ground turkey, canned tomatoes (whichever one I think I remember buying last time. chopped?), red bell pepper, corn, onions, this chili seasoning I bought by accident at whole foods when I wanted to buy cayenne but it turned out to be good for making chili.

It’s usually pretty delicious!

I just googled blogosphere, and that actually has it’s own wikipedia page, so I guess it’s the preferred nomenclature in this situation. Noted.

Well, this is just sad! I usually sit down with some kind of point to my posts, as evidenced by all of my two previous posts! But seeing as how I just took about five minutes to write this paragraph, I think I will check out and come back to you later with something of substance!

(I haven’t read it, but I’m pretty sure that’s what my last post said. Enjoy the long drawn out state of suspense I continuously leave you in!)

This will be brief, as I have a date with trivia.

It is 18 degrees here. Do you know what 18 degrees feels like? Pretty terrible. My own personal best defense is layering. I don’t mean a cute sweater over a silk-cotton blend turtleneck. I mean a minimum four layers on the top, three on the bottom, and feet.. depends on the level of snow. There isn’t any snow right now, so I’m still going socks-and-shoes only. I also have an inexplicable need to keep people updated on how many layers I’m wearing, as if to reassure myself that I am actually warm.

This is probably really great for my friends, who’s interest in my clothing-layers probably falls somewhere between “American “cheese”?” and “I wonder if I should maybe change my sheets this fiscal quarter.” (If you asked me to make a list of what my friends and I have in common, “failure to change sheets ever” would be in the top five.)

Today Hanna and I went to a nice store (we were in Brookline, it was all they had) and I saw Liner Gloves by SmartWool. That’s right, they are GLOVES FOR UNDER YOUR GLOVES. Amazing. I can use those until June, probably.

Incidentally, I just figured out how to make links work.

Time to suit up!


Hello. I’ve waited long and hard to share this, and me and my Harpoon IPA are happy to be here.

Firstly, I was inspired to start writing here again because I wanted to post something on Facebook and I realized: I really hate Facebook notes. and I am too wordy for Twitter.

I plan to do a post on the bibles of my life (IRONY ALERT: None of them are actually bibles!). So that will be forthcoming.

The point of today’s post is that lately I have become keen to the fact that I may need to kill myself on my 40th birthday. I won’t go into too much detail, since I like my job, but apparently you can’t remember or hear anything. Suffice it to say the source of this thought has made it pretty clear that these are true facts.

I began to panic. I’m 24! I’m more than halfway there!  Then my good friend, Phil Chen, (he doesn’t know he’s my good friend yet, but just wait until Christmas, Phil Chen! You are one lucky kid. I hope Furbies are still cool),  pointed out that the world is ending in 2012. I panicked again! Only a month! Then my other friend Lee said she thought it would be in May, and my OTHER friend Dave pointed out that California would go first, so I may have a few extra hours from the real official start.

After I stopped panicking (not too long), I decided I needed a bucket list. It needs to be really legendary, since I only have six months to take care of it.

I thought about it all morning.

Here’s what I have so far:

Bailey’s 2012 Apocalypse “To-Do” Bucket List:

  1. Eat Fro-Yo. (Phil says Mixx, Tim says BerryLine)
  2. Go ziplining! (Verb? “Go on a zipline”?)
  3. Hug a tiger. Probably a baby one.
  4. Milan Lucic.
  5. Stay awake for 24 hours. (Or longer!)

I’ll probably add to this as I think of things, but these are the most pressing matters.

Phil also says that since there are 2 billion Asians on earth he will most likely be spared. So if you want to know the future of planet earth, feast your eyes on this:

Future Overlord(Phil, I didn ‘t know you could play cello!)

I just went outside for a little fresh air, and I thought about how I just had a run-in with a bucket list, via http://paddity.blogspot.com/ That’s my friend Pat. I don’t know how to make a link work in WordPress, and I was just going to say “My friend Pat”, but there you go. His bucket list is shorter but, I think, more ambitious. I have to think about this.

I think that’s all I wanted to touch up on tonight. I have turkey meatloaf, roasted brussell sprouts, beets and a baked sweet potato calling my name. Next time, Holidays: A kitten who eats your tree, Nicole’s sweet gift ideas (don’t worry! I won’t spoil the surprise), and why I’m comfortable loving Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Oh, come on!

I just tried to post a post three times, and ran out of time on my break. This is humiliating!

Let me clue you in on what I’ll be posting about: Fro-Yo.

Get ready.

Secrets at Breakfast

Secrets at Breakfast

(I know some people might be spreading that nasty rumor around.)